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Edustrums, a learning platform in which music plays a key instrumental role, is a brainchild of Prerna Gupta. Prerna believes that creative and interactive learning methods can help us to understand and memorize things better than mere rote learning. Personal experiences of Prerna have helped her to conceptualize the entire idea of edustrums.

Why music?

It has been experientially and scientifically proven that music helps to enhance memory. It is not surprising to see one recalling one’s childhood rhymes just by listening to its small piece of jingle. Yet recalling one’s history or geography lessons can be difficult at times. Neuroscientists have long debated the brain mechanisms related to memory, but they agree on one thing: information weaved with music is among the easiest to remember. Music provides a rhythm, a rhyme and often alliteration, and hence acts as a powerful mnemonic device. The melody encourages repetition and thus memorization, which is perhaps why even the patients with advanced Alzheimer’s dementia have been known to sing along to a familiar song. 

Many psychologists believe humans developed music and dance to aid in retrieval of information. According to their opinions, epics, stories and customs were presented as poems, chants and, eventually, as songs, so that they can be easily memorized and recalled, thus helping people to remember and pass on large sets of information across the ages. 

Not only this, music has the power to alter mood and feelings as well. Upbeat, rhythmic music can act as an energy booster and revitalize the listeners, inspiring them to stay alert and maintain a cheerful attitude.

Why English vocabulary? 

Vocabulary is the key to communication. A rich vocabulary helps us to express our ideas well and makes the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing easier to perform. When you want to say something in a second language, it is the words that you feel you struggle for, rather than the grammar or pronunciation. Communication breaks down when people do not use the right words. With english becoming the most common used language, nationally and globally, improving english vocabulary has become a necessity.   

Why edUstrums?

English vocabulary is one of the essential elements of various competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, CAT , Bank PO, SSC etc. but, many of us find it difficult to memorize the ‘not-so-commonly used’ words and their meanings. Learners tend to remember a word they meet every day rather than some words they just meet once.  If they want to remember a new word, they should repeat this word again and again. Reading books, playing vocabulary games, making visual aids etc do help, but unless one revise or use them regularly, the words so learnt are often forgotten.

EdUstrums believes in making inspiring songs which can help one to have a relaxed and motivated mind. Difficult English words have been intertwined with these songs so that they can be memorized by repetitive listening or singing. The songs have been made in such a way that even if one is not able to recall the exact meaning of some word, one can recognize its contextual meanings in the reference of the song. These songs can help one to learn anywhere and anytime.

We hope that you will find this initiative helpful, and we wish you a happy musical learning day.